Commercial law advisors Whipping the Cat announced this week the launch of its fixed-fee commercial legal services. The offering is aimed primarily at small- to medium-sized businesses, while also catering to the outsourcing needs of larger corporates.

Offering a new approach to commercial law through its pre-determined billing model, Whipping the Cat provides a range of corporate legal services. These include: intellectual property advice; and the drafting and vetting of contracts such as leases, business terms, license agreements, all employment-related matters; distribution agreements, franchise agreements, service contracts and teaming agreements. All services are to be quoted for upfront and billed on a fixed fee basis.

“Every business requires high quality legal advice from time to time, but unless you have an open-ended legal budget – which few businesses do – the sound of a traditional law firm’s fee clock notching up billable hours can be daunting,” says Whipping the Cat founder and CEO, Graeme Wilson.

24-hour access

Depending on business size and options selected, clients will be given 24-hour access to online templates, tool kits and a library of information, to empower them to complete contracts and find answers to legal questions specific to their business. In conjunction with its online business dashboard, Whipping the Cat’s legal advisory solution offers clients direct access to a team of legal professionals, allowing for one-on-one consulting whenever this is required.
“Our service effectively amounts to having your own in-house legal counsel, but only as and when your company needs it. This drastically reduces costs while giving clients the peace of mind that legally, their business is always covered,” adds Wilson.
For small companies with up to 40 employees, clients can expect to pay a fixed fee of R5,000 per month, while mid-sized companies with more than 50 staff can budget in the region of R10,000 per month. Whipping the Cat can also customise a fixed-fee legal process outsourcing solution to underpin in-house legal teams. This offering is designed for the larger company looking to outsource its day-to-day legal workload, allowing in-house counsel to focus on key business initiatives and areas of strategic importance.