Need in-house legal support but can’t find the right person to do routine and complex work across all areas of the business from marketing to franchising.


WTC implemented the Multiplawyer™ Solution. This included self-help and automation of low level and routine work with quick turn around times. We implemented our document management solution giving McDonald’s access to a world class system (without incurring the full costs of purchasing it) to improve governance and reduce risk in the business. The McDonald’s team have unlimited access to our team of legal advisers to draft, review and advise on all their legal matters. All of this is done for a pre-agreed fixed monthly retainer.

A dedicated legal team and risk management solution all built in for a competitive price without employing a single in-house lawyer.



Small company growing fast and needing to navigate icebergs.


WTC spent time with Slipstream management to understand their needs and then drafted a suite of agreements to cover their legal risk. This included employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, a software re-seller agreement, a consulting services agreement and various software license agreements.

All this work was bundled up into an affordable monthly retainer to avoid a big upfront legal bill. What’s more, the retainer covers ongoing negotiation and revision of all their agreements giving the management team confidence that they have the right agreement in place for each eventuality and peace of mind that they can call us at any time without the hourly billing clock ticking.



Using traditional law firms to make changes to their standard agreements was slow and costly.


WTC identified a process to support their contract managers with negotiation and amendment of the agreements on a case by case basis but for a pre-agreed fee regardless of the scope of the work and with turnaround times that do not delay their client engagements. We assist their HR team with policy amendment and help them to identify the right external lawyers when specialist legal work is required. To transfer knowledge and create awareness of potential legal risks, we run training courses for their team.

In short, we worked with Quirk to identify their needs and develop an efficient and affordable solution that operates as an extension of their team.

February 13, 2018