Small Business

We agree that the “university of Google” or your brother’s friend that “did a law course” may get you over the legal line. But with our small business solution you don’t need to take the chance. A stitch in time saves nine!

We work with small business owners to develop a demystified and pragmatic legal solution to help navigate through the icebergs. This may include drafting commercial or employment agreements, getting policies in place or making sense of a law and its potential impact on a business.

Because we always agree the scope and set a fixed fee before we start work, business owners can assess whether our services will be helpful and affordable.

After one or two engagements, many of our small clients have elected to convert to the comfort and predictability of our tailored monthly retainer.


Medium Size Companies

Mid-sized companies often find themselves facing increased legal complexity and spiralling legal costs. FD’s, MD’s and staff are drawn away from their normal work to attend to mounting “legal matters”. Seldom is there anyone looking at the big picture legal landscape, legal risk and governance. WTC will assemble a team to manage legal service needs. This could range from drafting selected commercial agreements, to managing specific areas of the business (for example in-bound procurement agreements) to our Multiplawyer™ solution where our team operates as the company’s in-house legal service team on an outsourced basis.

Companies that outsource their legal function to WTC can select value-adding 24/7 online services like contract management with email/sms notification alerts, monthly contract activity reports and customised contract templates for easy access and completion anywhere, anytime.


Large Companies

Large companies that do not have an in-house legal team can take advantage of our Multiplawyer™ solution where our team operates as the company’s in-house legal service team on an outsourced basis. Where area expertise is required (for example litigation or competition law) we source and manage area experts.

The disaggregation of legal services has allowed in-house lawyers to source the appropriate type of legal work from the appropriate type of legal service provider at the right cost. At Whipping the Cat this goes far beyond legal process outsourcing (LPO) with our team able to operate as a natural extension of the in-house team – the “one more lawyer” that so many GC’s cry out for to take care of the churn or repetitive tasks, freeing the in-house team up to be more strategic.

Marketing/Media Law

Marketing material and company communications should reflect your business and brands responsibly, consistently and truthfully. Compliance with the law and industry-accepted standards is non-negotiable, but there are often more legalities to marketing and communications than meet the eye.


Quirk Case Study

Advertising agencies are constantly under pressure to deliver great work, fast. From promotional content and competition terms and conditions, to the protection of data and Consumer Protection Act compliance, there are more legalities to advertising work than meet the eye. There’s nothing more satisfying than signing a new client on the basis of a great pitch. But these days an agency’s legal contracts and deliverables need to be as creative as their marketing campaigns to navigate the complexities of our laws.


Menu of Marketing Legal Services

The legal issues associated with marketing and advertising, especially in the consumer space, can seem mind-boggling. And when it comes to doing the business of marketing, the agreements you make upfront must protect you in the long run. With the right legal advice, you can manage legal risk and protect your reputation. Whipping the Cat’s team of commercial law advisors has extensive experience working with some of the largest FMCG businesses and advertising agencies in South Africa.

Social Media Guidelines

Used responsibly and ethically, social media can deliver significant brand engagement. Used inappropriately, the benefits can be forever destroyed together with your brand and reputation.

POPI Guidelines

Knowing what you need to do to be POPI complaint is important. Knowing that data protection is much more than mere POPI compliance is even more important. Use our POPI guidelines to get a good understanding of the key considerations for POPI compliance.


COVID-19 Regulations

This memo contains a summary of the regulations passed by the various government ministries in response to the declaration of the National State of Disaster and the “lock-down”.



COVID-19 Business Funding/Relief Guide

Many companies are feeling the financial impact of COVID-19 and lockdown being extended. This list sets out some of the departments and agencies that you may be able to turn to for financial relief.




With the shift to Level 4 Lockdown on 1 May 2020, some businesses will be returning to workplace based operations. But as we have come to expect, there is a new “normal” and employees cannot return to work just as they would have done pre-COVID-19. The new directive for workplace health and safety (issued on 28 April 2020) sets out a raft of new requirements that employers will need to comply with as employees return to work. This memo sets out the “new normal” including details of the new requirements for social distancing, providing and wearing masks, dealing with the public etc.



Legally required workplace obligations

To comply with the legislation and to make sense of it all. Whipping the Cat has developed a plug-and-play ‘back to work’ toolkit for employers.