Daily, news reports flow in about how businesses the world over are either taking serious strain or shutting down altogether due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s becoming increasingly imperative for business owners to put their heads down and think of strategies for staying afloat in these uncertain times.  


For some businesses, thinking out of the box and pivoting their business idea is hardly an option. For others, it may be an option but the capital required to do so is a nonentity. And then there are those businesses that don’t have the funds it takes to even carry on operating, much less make changes to their business model. The life of an entrepreneur is generally stressful but more so now that ever. 


So what options are out there for businesses that need funding to keep their businesses running? Our valued partner Whipping the Cat has come up with a concise, super list of where and how to access business funding and relief in South Africa right now that we are certain you will find useful.


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