The situation is real people. We are wading in deep waters in so far as the COVID-19 pandemic is concerned and there doesn’t seem to be any solution to the crisis except one: social distancing and isolation. The World Health Organisation knows this, and the South African government knows this. 


This is what makes the country-wide 21-day lockdown so imperative. There is simply no way to beat this pandemic except to slow down the rate of infection because once it shoots through the proverbial roof, we are in deep trouble. An overburdened healthcare system is one sure way to lose this battle, as we have seen in the terrifying case study that is Italy. 


Why then are we still seeing so many people on the streets? Why do some of us insist on carrying on as though everything is still as it were? It can’t be because we don’t care about our health and that of those around us.


We refuse to believe this level of callousness. What we think is that maybe, just maybe, people don’t have enough information on what the lockdown actually entails. 


So we took it upon ourselves, with the help of our partner Whipping the Cat, to decipher exactly what the #SALockdown entails and what it will require from us, as responsible citizens. 


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